Our Favorite FLAVORS to Transport You to a Much Needed OASIS

Girl staying hydrated

Aren’t we all ready to dive right into summer? Breathtaking hikes, tanning by the pool, lounging on the beach, and late nights out with friends. Regardless of the activity, having a refreshing drink (or two) in hand to satisfy your thirst or save you from the scorching heat can make all the difference. With our mouth-watering line of cactus superfruit waters, Pricklee is the perfect complement to your summer activities. So pick a flavor and sip away!

Pricklee cans

A Better Way to Do Water

Although we all know the incredible feeling of sipping a nice glass of iced water after a long day out in the summer heat, Pricklee will create an even better experience with its natural electrolytes and antioxidants! Choose between our three delicious flavors: original prickly pear, fresh strawberry hibiscus, or flavorful mango ginger. Can’t decide? NO PROBLEM! Click here to order our sampler kit, which contains one can of each of our hydrating flavors.

Sampler kit

Flavored Water vs. Normal Water 

Feeling like it’s time for a change? Pricklee flavored water is the way to go! If you’re starting to get bored of staying hydrated with regular water, and sometimes find yourself sneaking in a can of soda or glass of juice throughout, opt for Pricklee! Our flavored water will satisfy your craving and provide the hydration  you need. Not only will it have the same benefits as water, but it is also a much healthier alternative for sodas and juices, and low in sugar and calories. You’ll be transported to a calming oasis with every sip. 

Learn more about the health benefits of Pricklee here.