Five pharmacists decided to combine their passion for healthcare and entrepreneurship by sourcing real cactus superfruit waters with natural electrolytes & antioxidants, but low in sugar and calories.
What do pharmacists and prickly pears have in common? Not much

That is until a late night in 2018, when five pharmacists realized there was nothing available that could help them hydrate after a night-out, work-out, or just everyday sipping without worrying about artificial ingredients, calories, and probably the most important factor of all-TASTE. Luckily, one of the founders grew up in Lebanon eating prickly pears - a delicious cactus superfruit usually found in desert climates that contained everything they were looking for. Hours of mixing away in their kitchen and hundreds of recipes later, eventually gave rise to Pricklee.

What good is healthy if you can’t enjoy it? Not much

So, they decided to combine their passion for healthcare and entrepreneurship to disrupt the beverage industry by sourcing real prickly pears to create a line of delicious cactus superfruit waters that are packed with natural electrolytes and antioxidants, but low in sugar and calories.

Casually Healthy

Healthy doesn’t have to be extreme, or feel like a chore. Healthy doesn’t mean you have to be a super athlete, run marathons, or participate in the newest fad diet. It’s okay to be casually healthy and make better physical and mental lifestyle choices without sacrificing happiness.

We made Pricklee so you could do just that. An everyday drink for everyday people.

Drink the Oasis

Natural and satisfying hydration from the desert

Rapidly Replenish

Natural electrolytes and antioxidants your body craves

Conquer Inflammation

Reduce liver damage and improve muscle recovery

Taste the Oasis