Our Story

Our Story

We're 5 healthcare workers who don't enjoy coconut water!

Luckily, Mo (one of our founders) had a solution that stuck. Growing up in Lebanon, his grandma would make a refreshing beverage using the delicious fruit of the cactus, the PRICKLY PEAR.

It tasted like a combination of watermelon + bubblegum!!

Mo and his siblings would fight for the last drop. Every. Single. Time.

One day, nice guy Mo saw some prickly pears at the local market and decided to share his grandma's recipe with us.


Because after one sip, we knew this was something special.

Grandma Zahra


Let's just say that ...
Coconut Water is Monday, and
Cactus Water is the Weekend! ;)

Not to mention, we were blown away by the plant-based benefits of the prickly pear. These cactus fruits are packed with antioxidants that boost immunity, skin health, and recovery!

Shout out to Mo’s grandma!
Actually, shout out to ALL the grandmas!

So, we did the unthinkable.

We dropped our lab coats and put on our cactus suits! 

And with ½ the sugar + ½ the calories of coconut water,
we created... 

Your Cactus Friends,

Mo, Sarwang, Aakash,
Jay, Kun

Text us! 855-595-0752!