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Cactus Water.

No place on earth is drier, hotter, or thirstier than the desert. Yet, even in the harshest of climates, the cactus has always found a way to thrive. Like BeyoncΓ©, they are survivors.

Native to Mexico (it's on the flag!), and found in over 30 countries around the world, the cactus has been a cultural icon and staple for hundreds of years.

As prickly as they are on the outside, cacti are an antioxidant powerhouse on the inside. Plus, their versatility and low water footprint make them one of the most sustainable plants in the world! From the roots to the fruits (and everything in between), every inch of these mesmerizing succulents can be turned into something amazing...


Our cactus waters use premium, sustainably-sourced prickly pears, the superfruit of the desert. Containing MORE natural antioxidants than a cup of green tea (including Vitamin C, Flavanoids, Betalains, and Polyphenols), these cactus fruits protect your body from the inside out by boosting:




Happy Healthy Hydration

An Oasis of Flavors and Benefits!

1. per 12 FL oz serving of leading brands / 2. Per 16 FL oz serving of leading Kombucha brands / 3. Per 12 oz can of leading soda brand / 4. Per 20 FL oz bottle of leading sports drink brand.

ANTIOXIDANTS: The superhero inside all of us.

To understand antioxidants, we have to nerd out about free radicals, first.

Free radicals are your body’s invisible enemy: unstable, oxygen-containing molecules (AKA KARENS) with missing electrons that can cause bad chain reactions in your body.

Left uncontrolled, free radicals go, well, radical, and cause oxidative stress, a dangerous chemical process that damages your internal organs and tissues, proteins, and DNA.


What causes
free radicals?

Better question: What doesn't?

Free radicals are EVERYWHERE.

From stress and exercise to consuming alcohol and fatty foods, to pollution, UV rays, and more, these radicals are "free" af!

Constantly attacking our bodies, unstable free radicals can cause a ton of long-term health problems, like infections, aging, liver and muscle damage, and more.

What fights free radicals?

Enter antioxidants, aka
our body's inner superhero,

Antioxidants are powerful molecules that can donate extra electrons to stabilize free radicals, keeping these certifiably unstable goons in check so they can instead, help us fight off infections and other diseases.

Thus, it’s important to maintain a healthy level of antioxidants at all times. There are many types of natural antioxidants, including Vitamin C, flavonoids, betalains, and polyphenols!

How do I get Antioxidants?

It takes an average of 3 days of an antioxidant-rich diet, consisting of a large amount of fruit and vegetables, to build your body’s antioxidant levels to defend your body from oxidative stress.

Prickly pears are a great source of natural antioxidants, containing twice the antioxidant capacity of strawberries, apples, and tomatoes, and comparable to that of oranges, grapefruits, and red wine. Prickly pears also have more vitamin C than apples, grapes, and bananas!

So what are you waiting for? Add Cactus Water to your life!
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