Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pricklee cactus water

Pricklee is a cactus water made with real prickly pears! They contain ½ the sugar and calories of leading coconut waters and are packed with natural antioxidants.

Does a cactus have fruit?

Absolutely. Cactus fruits, aka prickly pears, are the antioxidant superfruits that bud from the tip of a cactus! They’re native to Mexico (it's even on the country’s flag!) and can be reddish-purple, green, or yellow-green.

What are some cactus water benefits?

Pricklee cactus waters use premium, sustainably-sourced prickly pears, the superfruit of the desert. Containing MORE natural antioxidants than a cup of green tea (including Vitamin C, Flavonoids, Betalains, and Polyphenols), these cactus fruits protect your body from the inside out by boosting immunity, skin health, and recovery.

Is cactus water good for you?

We use real prickly pears, which are loaded with natural antioxidants. These antioxidants help to defend your body from the inside out, by boosting immunity, skin health, and recovery (muscle, exercise, and dietary).

How does Pricklee cactus water compare to coconut water?

Each can of Pricklee has ½ the sugar and calories of leading coconut waters,  is packed with natural antioxidants, and in our opinion, tastes better ;). Prickly pears are the only fruit on this planet with all 24 types of a powerful antioxidant called betalains.

Where do you source your prickly pears?

Our premium prickly pears are sustainably-sourced from Mexico!

What does cactus fruit or prickly pear taste like ?

Prickly pears are super unique, just sweet enough, and taste like the perfect mix of watermelon & bubblegum! It's good for you AND it sounds delicious? Hey, we’re not complaining :)

Is Pricklee cactus water carbonated or caffeinated?

Our cactus water is carbonation-free, caffeine-free, and as natural as can be.

Is there any added sugar or stevia?

No stevia…do people actually like stevia? Each can of Pricklee cactus water contains a total of 7g of sugar, sweetened naturally from real prickly pear fruit and blue agave nectar. This is just HALF the amount of sugar you’ll find in coconut water!

Why do you add agave?

Two reasons! First: a hint of sugar actually helps to speed up the hydration process, AND increase the rate of absorption of electrolytes. Second: It's a succulent ;)

Is there alcohol in Pricklee cactus water?

Nope! Pricklee does not include any alcohol...but they make for delicious mixers for some refreshing, antioxidant-filled cocktails and margs ;)

Does Pricklee need to be refrigerated?

While Pricklee is shelf-stable and can be stored at room-temperature, it is BEST enjoyed chilled, or over ice. It’s like when you first wake up in the morning; you’re just not at your best just yet.

Is cactus water safe for children?

Yes – the kiddos love Pricklee! We go through a rigorous safety and quality check during our packaging process. Each can is manufactured and pasteurized within our facility that is certified to the highest safety standards.

Is cactus water safe during pregnancy or while breast-feeding?

Each can is manufactured and pasteurized within our facility that is certified to the highest safety standards. However, please consult with your physician or obstetrician for any medical advice.


Shipping & Returns

How much does shipping cost?

We offer FREE, standard shipping on all of our products. Delivered straight from the desert by our Camel Brigade! There may be delays in delivery typical of the major carriers across the country.

What if I don't like Pricklee Cactus Water?

We know you’re taking a chance on us when trying something new! If you absolutely hate it (which we know you won't!), shoot us an email, text, or contact form directly and we will offer you a 50% refund on your purchase!

How do I manage my subscription to the Cactus Club?

Easy. You can manage it by creating an account on our homepage, and the go in to easily swap flavors, change frequency, skip a delivery, or pause/cancel the subscription all together. 100% risk-free. We don’t want you to break up with us, but we get it. It’s not you, it’s us ;)